THANK YOU to our 2015 sponsors!

2015 usgbc sponsor board

Also thanks to our last-minute sponsors:  BBL Carlton (Steward) and Titan (Friend).

The USGBC West Virginia Chapter has participated in CANstruction over the past two years.  CANstruction is an annual food drive for Covenant House, Charleston’s local food bank.  It is a national organization that partners with local organizations around the country, in this case, the American Institute of Architects West Virginia Chapter, in which architects, engineers, contractors and other volunteers design and build large sculptures using cans of food.  All cans used in the sculptures are donated to Covenant House, resulting in approximately 20,000 cans, which lasts about three months.


Canstruction 2015

L to R: Maram Moushmoush, Autumn Rucker, Vanessa VanGilder, David “Mitch” Mitchell, Joe Sinclair, and Jill Watkins


canstruction 2014 (2)

CANstruction 2014

L to R:  David “Mitch” Mitchell, Joe Sinclair, Jill Watkins, Sam Butzer, and Jenna Green.

CANstruction 2013

CANstruction 2013

L to R:  Ken Wilkins, Jenna Green, Missy Myers, Vanessa VanGilder, Joe Sinclair, David “Mitch” Mitchell, Robert English and Joyce VanGilder

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